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Supercharge Sales Revenue

Extend your reach

StoreReply helps businesses take orders via chat in the simplest way possible without expertise. Your customers can now order before reaching your store.

All day pre-orders

Customers love your product/service. Let them place orders in advance during non-peak periods or after-store hours, all day, any day.

Enhance sales in social and print media

StoreReply’s ChatToBuy links allow customers to make orders on Instagram, posters, flyers, and social media. One click or a QR code links a customer straight to order checkout.

Save Time

Real-time Price/Availability Updates

Save time by reducing enquires on availability and price. Update customers in real-time by disabling items in your store.

Simplified Order management

All orders have a reference number and payment details, preventing confusion during payment or collection.

Replace Phone Orders

Managing phone orders? Free your time as StoreReply takes over the process and supports multiple orders concurrently.

Ease of Use

No Coding/Skills required

Everything is done through chat. You do not need to login a website, use a computer or possess any coding skills.

Full Business Control

Business operations are ever-changing. Your business has full control over order acceptance without system constraints.

No Maintenance cost

Building and maintaining an in-house app is a costly and tedious task. StoreReply performs the same task without the needed complexity.

No Commitment. Risk-free

No upfront cost or contract. No risk since a flat-fee is charged per successful transaction.

Enhance your customer’s experience

Nothing to Download

Just use Telegram and place your order with your favourite stores!. No app. No Fuss.

Skip queues and the wait

Make pre-orders ahead of time to prevent disappointment and long queues!

Fastest checkout ever

Making your second order? You no longer have to retype all your details. Make an order in less than a minute!

Availability & Price Info

StoreReply provides you with availability and price information so you can skip calling the store.

Skip making calls

Busy tone? Store not picking up? Avoid disappointment as StoreReply always attends to your order.

Immediate Use

Immediately start ordering without managing another set of username and passwords.

Experience the above benefits and more for your business!
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If the progression of retail in recent years teaches us anything, it is that the future of shopping will involve in greater speed and convenience. Effective conversational commerce is an obvious route to success in this respect…

Kevin Ludford ─ CEO, Sqli

Chat would be a popular way to conduct transactions between businesses and consumers.

StoreReply ─ Team

How to find your app on an appstore?

There is nothing to download or configure. Just have a conversation with StoreReply on Telegram and let the conversation flow.

I do not have a mobile number. Can I still use StoreReply?

To the best of our understanding, Telegram supports fixed land lines as well, so you can use your business line to use the Telegram App.

I have suggestions and feedback. Who do I talk to?

We love feedback. Let us know how we can improve our services! Send an email to hello@ and we can discuss over coffee, email or skype.

Do you offer customisations ?

Send us an email to hello@ Let us know if we can help your business further through customisation.