5 Forgotten Reasons Why Your Website Could Be Undermining Your Sales Potential

With some website retailers experiencing cart abandon rates as high as 80%, many businesses are undermining their sales potential because of checkout friction.

1. Poor Mobile Experience

Many customers are increasingly using their mobile phones to shop. A large part of user frustration stems from long website load times, slow mobile devices, poor form designs, and poor mobile reception. Mobile-unfriendly websites continue to load large images that consume valuable screen estate and significant memory, which leads to a frustrating and disruptive shopping experience.

Long Website Load Times?

Some studies indicate that 40% of your customers would not wait longer than 3 seconds for your mobile site to load, and more than 50% of your customers would only return to your site to reorder if your website loads quickly.

If you have a mobile device with a small screen, you might be familiar with the difficulties faced when entering information about your first name, last name, delivery address, and credit card information. The attempts to navigate in and out of various fields using your fingertips on a screen with limited estate can be a frustrating experience for customers to complete their purchase.

2. Lengthy Forms

As an attempt to introduce loyalty programs and increase newsletter signups, many websites find ways to distract and get customers to fill up more information than necessary to purchase a product. No one likes filling forms, and these unnecessary fields could cost the business a sale. Every second a customer spends on a checkout page increases the likelihood of cart abandonment.

3. Long Checkout Times

Similar to the experience when purchasing airline tickets, many businesses would intentionally increase the number of steps to showcase other products to upsell, pop-up promotions and introduce discount codes in an attempt to increase the average order value. However, these additional steps are likely to increase the checkout friction and abandonment rates, and should only be implemented with careful consideration.

4. Lack of Differentiation Between Customers

Loyal and repeat customers should be directed to an expedited process where details and personalisation are filled for them so that they go through a tedious process of refilling information.

5. Indirect Links

Providing direct links to checkout offers a convenient way to reduce friction to purchase. Whether in physical or digital advertisements, customers intending to purchase who are already familiar with the product should be directed straight to checkout, bypassing the product page to create a seamless buying experience.

How Can We Help You?

StoreReply is an out-of-the-box solution that offers an additional channel for customers to order your products quickly and accurately. It offers a simple, lightweight and fast mobile purchase experience that solves the issues discussed above. Besides, it bypasses the need to create new accounts, log in or download an app just to make a purchase.

Without investing in your own app or expensive equipment, StoreReply can send customers relevant notifications about orders and delivery. In addition, customers can easily reorder with a uniquely personalised experience, designed to improve customer retention and loyalty, without ever leaving their favourite messaging app.

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