What You Didn’t Know About Phone Ordering

What You Didn’t Know About Phone Ordering

Phone ordering offers a cheap and convenient way to take your customer orders. It allows you to offer a personal touch while addressing any other product queries they might have. This article raises some of the little-known limitations of phone ordering that could be costing you sales.

Be In Two Places At Once?

Our daily activities in work and life are competing for our limited attention. Phone ordering require the full attention of you and the customer, which is a difficult ask today because people are already juggling multiple tasks at once with the shortening of deadlines.

Be it in the middle of a conversation, finishing a task at work, browsing social media, replying to emails, or making a commute, attending to phone calls are highly disruptive to both customers and business staff alike, and distracts us from higher priority tasks.

In addition, phone ordering is generally time-consuming as the majority of time is largely spent on repeating details for confirmation, spelling out addresses and names, and going through payment details. The call duration for a phone order could take up to 10 minutes, depending on the order and process complexity.

Hearing Details Wrongly?

Mispronouncing words or hearing details wrongly are common issues that could occur during a phone order. Noisy environments, poor reception, language differences, and accents further compounds the problem. These tension and frustrating experiences would eventually hurt your brand reputation and loyalty between you and your customers.

Rush More, Earn Less

Phone orders are typically rushed as you and your customer would want to end the call as soon as possible to complete other remaining tasks of the day. Some studies revealed that online orders typically have higher average order values than phone ordering, primarily driven by giving customers sufficient time to order at their own pace.

Telling Customers to Call Back Again?

Despite the convenience of phone ordering, each business line would only be able to serve one customer at a time. For the rest of the customers, knowing that your line is engaged could lead them to find alternatives and place their orders elsewhere.

How Can We Help You?

Dialing your number, waiting for someone to pick up, accurately conveying order details are becoming increasingly inconvenient to time-strapped customers. A growing percentage of millennials indicated that they prefer chat over making a phone call, largely driven by an Internet-connected age with apps for nearly everything. Convenience becomes a large factor in driving customer behavior.

StoreReply is specially built for mobile devices to help your customers place an order through chat, while relieving duties to serve multiple customers at the same time. Stop the struggle to take orders across multiple chat apps during peak periods, and simply manage your orders from a single messaging app of your choice.

Without investing in your own app or expensive equipment, StoreReply can send customers relevant notifications about orders and delivery. In addition, customers can easily reorder with a uniquely personalised experience, designed to improve customer retention and loyalty, without ever leaving their favourite messaging app.

Let’s Do Something Amazing

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