Insider Techniques For A Successful Order Ahead Program

Discover some techniques below to ensure a successful order ahead program. Please note this list is not exhaustive and only illustrates some best practices from successful order ahead programs.

Now that you are ready to allow customers to order ahead, building customer awareness is of utmost importance. The end goal is to increase awareness about your business, inform customers that they can now order ahead, lower friction to purchase via chat and encourage repeat purchases.

Physical Marketing

Physical marketing is perceived to be more trustworthy and more memorable than digital ads. Some methods like flyer distribution are relatively more costly to execute, and need careful targeting of the right audience to remain cost-effective.

Personalised Receipt Message

If you can customise a message in your receipt, include a short message to let customers know that they can order ahead with chat.

Posters and Table Tent

In a retail outlet, you can use large posters & table tents to inform walk-in traffic and existing customers about your order ahead program.

We recommend placing posters and table tents at the following:

  1. Easily visible places such as front doors, cashier, tables, menus, and even restrooms where customers are typically queuing or waiting around.
  2. If you need a poster or name tent design, you can print the StoreReply Poster* and StoreReply Table Tent* for reference.

Business Cards

Business cards are typically kept in the house or office. It serves as a cost-effective marketing tool. Include links to your online website or social media handles to build followers and increase traffic to your website.

Your business card should let customers know the following:

  1. They can easily text your orders to you, by scanning a StoreReply QR code* or a StoreReply Store link*.
  2. Offer door-to-door delivery for individual/corporate orders or self-collection at your store.
  3. Consider dropping your business card into each product packaging after a sale.
  4. If you need a name card design, you can use the StoreReply Business Card*.

Flyer/Leaflets Distribution

Direct Mail marketing involves printing a large number of flyers at printing providers and getting distributors to deliver them to households. Distributing flyers near your districts can be a very effective way of increasing awareness on your business.

The flyers should contain information about the following:

  1. What are you selling?
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. How can I purchase?
  4. How can I make payment?
  5. Where can I collect? Opening Hours?
  6. Do you provide delivery? Delivery fees? Delivery Restrictions?
  7. If you need a flyer design, you can use the StoreReply Flyer*.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be extremely cost-effective when done right, and suitable for small to large budgets. It is especially important if you do not have an established brand, walk-in traffic from established malls or large budgets to perform physical marketing. Feel free to any of the techniques below based on your budget, goals and customer demographics.

Establishing a Communication Channel

  • A Facebook Pages or Instagram Profile represents a point of contact for your business and typically includes product photos, description and website links.
  • It's free to create a Facebook Page or Instagram Profile.
  • If customers follow your facebook page, they will see your new posts and stay updated with your business.
  • For customers to view your entire menu/catalogue, include your StoreReply Store Link* to give customers the ability to place text orders conveniently.

Posting Photo and Video Content To Engage Customers

    Taking Great Photos and Videos Are Essential
  • You can either engage a professional photographer or learn to take them.
  • Learn topics such as rule of thirds, composition, depth of field, noise & ISO, and exposure.
  • You can also search for popular photo editing apps in the AppStore to enhance photos.

    Post Photos and Videos using Facebook or Instagram Post
  • A post can comprise of a product photo or video, with a short description and links.
  • Consider Facebook Live or Instagram Live to stream how your product works or how it's made.
  • For every post, do let customers know that they can order the product.
  • Include a StoreReply Item Link* so customers can send a text order with ease.
  • Encourage customers to share your page on social media.

Finding Customers

    Free Methods
  • Facebook Groups: Look for relevant and special interest groups concerning your business on Facebook. Do follow the group's rules, and post your content to discover new customers.
  • Instagram #hashtags: Hashtags can be a single word or a series of words. It's used to present relevant content to other users. Use #hashtags abundantly to get new customers, more likes and followers. Finding the right hashtags with the highest engagement within your niche would be the goal.
  • Mailing List: Start building a mailing list to email customers about your new product or promotions. It can generate more than 80% of traffic and sales to your website.
  • Website: If you have an existing website, consider adding a StoreReply Html Button* to give customers the option to place chat orders.

    Paid Methods
  • Facebook Ad Manager: Facebook controls more than 60% of social media traffic worldwide, using Facebook Audience Targeting can be very effective in finding new customers and markets. The goal is to find which audience and ad design that would have the highest conversions. e.g. Finding customers near your retail location or finding customers with a strong interest in your industry.
  • Google Ad Manager: Google controls 95% of the global mobile search market and 85% of the desktop search market. Using Pay Per Click advertising can be effective in finding new customers. The goal would be to discover keywords that have the most conversions and engagement.

The Customer Experience


  1. It's about Time. Customers who order ahead highly values time and convenience.
  2. Approving or rejecting orders quickly starts building customer loyalty. Studies show that 79% of customers would take their business elsewhere within a week of experiencing poor customer service.
  3. When you send out the "Ready for Collection" notification, ensure their order is ready for collection, not in the preparation process. This defeats the purpose of ordering ahead, as the customer has to wait for the order to be prepared.
  4. Do customers know where to collect? Displaying clear and large signage would be useful.


When customers arrive to collect their order, a friendly greeting would enhance the purchase experience, and keep them coming back for more.

How Can We Help You?

StoreReply is specially built for mobile devices to reduce the effort required for your customers to make a purchase. Instead of hiring additional staff to handle phone and physical orders, StoreReply can help you serve more than one customer concurrently while reducing turnaround times and order confusion.

Without investing in your app or expensive equipment, StoreReply can send customers relevant notifications about orders and delivery. Also, customers can easily reorder with a uniquely personalised experience, designed to improve customer retention and loyalty, without ever leaving their favourite messaging app.

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