3 Unspoken Ways An Order Assistant Can Help Your Small Business

3 unspoken ways an order assistant can help your small business

1. Take Multiple Orders Concurrently

A small business assistant like StoreReply can help you take multiple orders from customers concurrently. This allows you to continuously take orders during peak periods while you can focus on other tasks with minimal disruption.

Also, you do not have to manage individual chat windows across various messaging apps, as StoreReply would consolidate these orders and route to a familiar messaging app.

2. Let Customers Know What’s Available

Customers ordering ahead or online might call or chat with your business staff to enquire about product availability before acting on their intent to purchase.

Some time-strapped business staff might not update their website or inventory management system as frequently due to unpredictable demands across multiple sales avenues. Hence, StoreReply offers a convenient way to update item availability in real-time, and disseminate it to your customers.

3. Quick Store Management

When it comes to managing your eCommerce store and websites, you might already be familiar with navigating dashboards to manage your products using a laptop. StoreReply, being a text assistant, uses text commands to manage your store. Using just your mobile device, you can easily add a new product or change prices on the go without disrupting your workflow.

How Can We Help You?

StoreReply is your small business assistant that would give back your precious time and allow you to focus on expanding your market reach and revenue. This additional channel for customers offers a simple, lightweight and fast mobile purchase experience that offers all of the capabilities listed above and more. Besides, it bypasses the need to create new accounts, log in or download an app to make a seamless purchase experience.

Without investing in your own app or expensive equipment, StoreReply can send customers relevant notifications about orders and delivery. In addition, customers can easily reorder with a uniquely personalised experience, designed to improve customer retention and loyalty, without ever leaving their favourite messaging app.

Let’s Do Something Amazing

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