Why Businesses Should Unlock Sales with Chat Commerce?

Everyone has a go-to messaging app as their daily driver, depending on country and demographics.

Here are some usage statistics across various messaging apps:

  1. Facebook Messenger: Used in 49 countries with 1.3 billion users worldwide.
  2. Telegram: With over 200 million users worldwide.
  3. LINE: With 203 million users worldwide.
  4. Viber: Used in over 10 countries with 260 million users worldwide.

No doubt messaging apps have established a very strong presence globally with increasing growth and penetration rates. Chat commerce exemplifies how businesses can communicate with customers with the use of messaging apps, and to situate themselves where the customers are.

Are Mobile Devices Popular?

In 2019, over 90% of Facebook advertising revenue comes from mobile. According to eMarketer, Mobile E-Commerce has taken 67.2% of eCommerce sales worldwide and is forecasted to take 72.9% of the total e-commerce market by 2021. Essentially, it is highly likely that your customers are using a mobile device when purchasing on your website.

Convincing A Customer To Download Another App?

Numerous studies have shown that customers today are experiencing app fatigue, constant notifications from apps with similar features continue to crowd their home screen to attract attention. Given that it is difficult for an app to earn a spot on their home screens and get utilized daily, mobile app life-spans are getting shorter as customers are beginning to uninstall apps after awhile.

How Do Customers Purchase?

The journey begins when prospective customers use their mobile devices to research about your products and business. Common behaviors include checking the reviews on various shopping sites and marketplaces such as Amazon, Qoo10, Lazada, or Shopee. In addition, they may perform a Google search to check out your Business profile, Facebook Page and scan through forums and blogs to determine your business service standards, product quality and customer service.

After developing an interest in your product, the customer could have further questions on your product and availability. Providing them a live chat widget on your website would allow customers to get their concerns and questions addressed in a timely manner. Once you have build customer trust and confidence, they can act on their intent to make a purchase.

How To Place An Order?

Common channels to route an order include your website, phone, email or text message. Although websites remains the most popular channel, over 80% of customers experience difficulties in performing a checkout on various websites, which results in poor conversation rate that limits your business sales potential.

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Why Should You Care About Chat Commerce?

Worldwide messaging app usage is expected to surpass 2 billion users across the world. The high reliance on messaging apps that spans across personal to business transactions would change how people expect to interact with businesses in the future. Businesses should start to think about using chat to conduct business transactions without the need to call and visit your website. It is all about delivering convenience and personalisation to customers with shortening attention span. This prevalent means of communication could one day become essential tool of business.

How Can We Help You?

If you reside in countries with high labour costs and shortage, physically hiring more waiters and store assistants would be an unfeasible strategy. Limited staff and longer turnaround times would result in lost sales opportunities, especially during peak periods.

StoreReply is specially built for mobile devices to reduce the effort required for your customers to make a purchase. Instead of hiring additional staff to handle phone and physical orders, StoreReply can help you serve more than one customer concurrently while reducing turnaround times and customer confusion.

Without investing in your own app or expensive equipment, StoreReply can send customers relevant notifications about orders and delivery. In addition, customers can easily reorder with a uniquely personalised experience, designed to improve customer retention and loyalty, without ever leaving their favourite messaging app.

Let’s Do Something Amazing

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