How to Sell on Line?

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Sell Directly on Line Messenger

Are you thinking of selling directly on Line Messenger? With 203 million users worldwide, Line is especially popular in Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Thailand. If you do not have Line, it can be downloaded as standalone apps in Apple Appstore (iOS) or Google Playstore (Android). Line Desktop versions for PC / Mac are also available.

Follow the steps below to guide you to sell on Line:

1. Build a Business Profile

To create a store, prepare a business profile comprising of business name, address, contact, opening hours etc.

2. Prepare your Product List / Services

Prepare a list of your products or services that your business intends to sell. It can be in a Google Docs/Sheets, Microsoft Word/Excel or PDF document.

3. Payment Modes

Decide on various payment modes accepted by your business, be it cash, bank transfer, or mobile payments.

4. Logistics

Once the order is received, what steps are required to ensure that the items are going to be in your customer’s hands. It could be asking customers to self-collect or be getting a logistic partner to perform delivery. Take some time to decide who would be managing order fulfilment.

5. Schedule A Consultation

Once you obtained information listed above, schedule a consultation with StoreReply to start selling by visiting the start selling page or simply say hello to our specialists with our chat widget at the bottom right.

6. Let Customers Know

Now that you are live on StoreReply, you will be selling across Line, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Viber automatically.

It’s time to let your customers know about your newly established channels. Depending on your business, budget, and customer demographics, you can consider a healthy mix of physical and digital market initiatives to increase awareness for new and existing customers.

If you’d like to learn what physical and digital marketing initiatives should be pursued, create your store now to receive an exclusive article to boost sales and diversify revenue streams.